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What we do

Airbrush tan is the preferred sunless tanning method for many people out there, even some Hollywood celebrities prefer it to spray-on tanning. Our professional technician picks the formula that is perfect for your specific skin tone. This step is actually crucial for both methods as each person has a unique skin tone that requires a specific shade of the tanner, especially if you want your skin to look naturally colored.



The solution is then sprayed onto your skin by hand, using an airbrush tanning gun. Our experienced technician will make sure the tanner is applied in a most optimal and even way, to all areas of your body that you want tanned.


Lastly, One of the vital steps is also eliminating excess airbrush solution from reaching the areas that you don’t want to be tanned too much, which usually include underarms, knees, elbows… And unlike other sunless self-tanning products, this method is (if done properly) stain- and streak-free.


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