How long does the tan last?

Generally your tan will begin to fade in 5-10 days and you can have color for up to 2 weeks. This can vary slightly from person to person depending on your skin type and whether you follow proper after care for your tan.

What if I’m pregnant or nursing?

We have many clients that are pregnant and nursing, however we recommend that you consult with your physician before your tan. We can make an ingredient list available to you so that you can make the best decision. Nursing mothers may opt to do the rapid tan since they can rinse off the solution within 1-4 hours. This may fit more conveniently between feedings. Others that opt for the regular solution wear pasties or a swimsuit top/bra.

Can I workout or do vigorous activity after my tan?

The first 8-12 hours after your tan and prior to your rinse, you cannot get wet this includes sweat (rigorous exercise, dancing and extreme humidity and temperatures should be avoided). The first 24 hours after your tan are critical for it’s longevity. The ingredient, DHA , stays active on the skin for 24 hours, so it is recommended by the manufacturer that you do not use soap all over the body within that first 24 hour period.

What are the list of ingredients in the tanning solution?

The active ingredient is DHA. DHA is short for dihydroxyacetone. It is a plant derived ingredient and reacts with the most superficial layers of your skin. This is the primary ingredient and the only ingredient that gives you a tanned look. There are other essential oils and organic ingredients that can vary depending on the solution you select. For a complete list of ingredients ask your technician so that you can get a comprehensive list specific to the solution that you are using.

What do I wear before and after my tan?

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How do I prep my skin before my tan?

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