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  • DO NOT TOUCH THE TAN! Your palms and even the back of the hands absorb the solution at a rapid pace. Avoid touching your skin, folding your arms, and putting your face in your hands. Once developed this will cause a very stamped /dipped in an ink pad look. 

  • DO NOT COME IN CONTACT WITH WATER, SWEAT, RAIN OR TEARS! This will cause very dramatic drip marks in your tan. This is especially important related to sweat, because it's easy to have unnoticed sweat under or between the breasts and lower back. If this happens, blot dry with a dry towel or in the case of a water spill blend with a dry foundation brush.

  • If you received a tan with our standard formula, you need to wait 6-8 hrs before you rinse (8hrs is our preference). If you received a rapid tan you can rinse in 1-4 hours. Rinsing at 1 hour= light tan, 2 hours= medium tan, 3+ hours=dark.

  • If the tan was applied close to your bed time and you decide to sleep with the tan on, it's best to wear long sleeves and pants to bed to avoid touching the tan while you sleep.

  • Your first shower post tan is just a quick water only rinse. It's best to avoid soap, loofahs, or washing your hair for 24 hours. A quick rinse with warm water until the water runs clear. Do not be alarmed that the brown bronzer is rinsing down the drain, it's normal and your tan is still in tact.


  • Be gentle with your skin. The tan only stains the top layer of your kin so we want to keep it hydrated and not exfoliate so keep it in tact. Avoid any exfoliation, loofah, etc. Also when you get out of the shower pat dry, do not rub when your skin is it's softest.

  • Keep your skin very moisturized. Use a lotion, free of mineral oil after every shower and for extra credit do it twice per day. Here are our recommendations.

  • Our solutions, once dry, typically do not stain clothes or sheets but we can't guarantee it, so we recommend that you wear long sleeve clothing to bed before your first rinse. This will protect your sheets and ensure that there is no skin on skin contact while your tan is developing over night.

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