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  • This is Critical! We like to use an exfoliating mitt at the end of the shower when your skin is softest. If you do not have an exfoliating mitt you can use a regular washcloth. You may also use a sugar or salt scrub in addition (if it is oil based then you want to make sure this is done the day before your tan). Gently scrub the skin with a mitt or wash cloth to clear dead skin and give your a smooth surface to apply the tan

  • Shave a day prior to your tan to  allow time for your pores to close.

  • All waxing and pedicures should be scheduled prior to your tan. Waxing and pedicures involve stripping skin which will greatly affect your tan results and could leave you with a patchy uneven tone.

  • If you wish to shower before your tan please do so at least three hours prior to your tan. You want your skin to be dry when the solution is applied.

  • Do not apply lotions or perfumes to your skin the day of your tan.


  • Most people will opt to wear just underwear. Others may choose to go completely nude. The FDA has recommendations that you can view here. These are recommendations, not requirements. IF you decide to wear undergarments or swimwear, you should choose to wear something that is dark because the bronzer in the solution can stain. 

  • Also be aware of tan lines, they will be dramatic. So, for example, if you are in a wedding and wearing a backless dress, you would not want to wear a racer back swim top for your session.

Click here to read if you are a pregnant or nursing mother.


  • It's best to wear dark, loose fitting clothes after your tan. Sweats and wide leg lounge pants are best.

  • If you didn't wear a bra during your tan it's best to skip it wearing one until your first rinse to ensure the best results.

  • Our solutions, once dry, typically do not stain clothes or sheets but we can't guarantee it, so we recommend that you wear long sleeve clothing to bed before your first rinse. This will protect your sheets and ensure that there is no skin on skin contact while your tan is developing over night.

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